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Here's the deal: began as a tech demo way back in 2000, an assessment system that could handle a variety of question types and content. The first rev was written in ASP (!) and chugged along on a server sitting in my living room, hosted on commercial grade DSL at $300/month. Those were the days.

At that time I needed content, and so I paid some flight instructors to answer questions from the various FAA pools. The site went live, guys who charged for competing services threatened to sue, NASDAQ crashed and ended my dreams of riches, and the site chugged along. At some point I rewrote the system atop Rails and moved it through a couple of hosting services, and that brings us to the present day.

I would love to fix a list of known bugs, and I would love to code up a mobile app that can present this material and doesn't screw users on price&flexibility, but I can't justify the work given that webexams is still serving the same content from so many years ago. So my question is: does anybody know where I can get ahold of the latest questions? And/or does anybody have access to other content pools that can be seeded into webexams? If we can find a way to update the content, I promise I'll give some attention to the site again: bug fixes, pretty it up, etc etc etc.

I'm proud of the fact that has never run ads, but I'm more proud of the folder containing hundreds of emails from people thanking me for helping them get their pilot's license. I suppose I'm trying to decide if it's worth keeping the site around, or declare it a success and shut it down. Thoughts? You can contact me at:

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